There are many types of banners you can use to grab the attention of people at events, exhibitions, trade shows or while promoting a product or announcing a store launch. But perhaps none are as effective, efficient and help you utilize your space better than ceiling banners. Hanging ceiling banners like indoor advertising ceiling banners and event ceiling banners can be mounted on any ceiling space and are a great way generate buzz among your customers for special promotions, sales and new products. These banners have high visibility, add a zesty flair to the retail ambience and can be easily installed anywhere.

Al-Hafiz is Kuwait's leading hanging banner printing company that designs custom ceiling banners for all occasions - from small businesses to large corporations. With the help of our design team, you can choose the banner you want and we will create a high-quality design that will suit your needs. We deliver the banners on time and at an affordable price! With more than two decades of experience in delivering top class banner design and printing solutions, we have mastered the art of designing custom ceiling banners. All of our products are made with care and quality materials that are sure to last you for years to come. We offer a variety of designs for any budget or taste and all shapes and sizes are available. Explore our extensive range of ceiling banner printing and design services below:

  • Hanging Banners and Ceiling Signs
  • Vinyl banners dropped off the ceilings
  • Ceiling banner graphics
  • Event Ceiling banner
  • Exhibition Hanging banners
  • Trade Shows Ceiling banner
  • Open Houses Ceiling banner
  • Suspended Banners & Ceiling Displays
  • Custom Hanging Banners & Ceiling Displays
  • Customized Indoor Hanging Ceiling Banner