There’s no better time to espouse the Islamic values of sharing than during Ramadan. And it takes an even sweeter, adorable turn when you gift customized Girgian boxes to kids during this month. A tradition specific to the Gulf region and especially Kuwait, Girgian is a 3-day celebration of the 13th, 14th and 15th days of the holy month of Ramadan. It’s a particularly special time for children, who get dressed in fancy costumes and national dresses and go on leisurely strolls in groups in their neighborhood or to their relatives. These children sing Girgian songs in chorus and as a reward are gifted beautifully packaged Girgian boxes with sweets, nuts and toys. Many of these boxes have a winsome design of a traditional doll or old time Kuwaiti houses, giving them a creative, playful appeal.

Apart from parents and families, various corporates have become more active in promoting the Girgian festival at malls, shopping complexes and public event spaces. With more options for customized Girgian boxes appearing in the market, companies can select numerous designs and makes, such as acrylic laser cut Girgian boxes, silk-screen printed Girgian boxes, company logo printed Girgian boxes, UV printed Girgian boxes and a lot more. Whatever your budget and preferences be, there is always a design that will make it an immensely special moment for kids during Ramadan. Al-Hafiz co. offers a wide range of unique and delightful Girgian gift boxes that appeal to all kids. Explore our collection below:

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