Al-Hafiz Co is a full-service design and print company that offers market oriented designs to help your business stand apart. Our team of expert graphic designers enables us to offer customized Graphic Designing and printing services in Kuwait for branding and marketing. We guarantee that each design will be unique and on-of-its-kind and will truly define the core message of your enterprise with our Customized graphic design services in Kuwait. Our cutting edge graphic design services include:

Corporate Profile

  • Logo designing based on the vision of your company
  • Poster and banner designing
  • Brochure, flyers and leaflet designing
  • Business card and letterhead designing
  • Designing vehicle stickers and graphics for brand promotion
  • Designing interior and exterior signage for corporate premises
  • Designing signs and billboards for marketing
  • Catalogue designing
  • Designing corporate wall, window and building graphics which includes stickers and wallpapers
  • Designing complete company profile

Designing Merchandize

Graphic designing service by Al-Hafiz Co. also covers designing for promotional merchandize. We offer

  • T-shirt designing
  • Designing graphics for mobile cases and covers
  • Designing graphics for laptop branding
  • Designing corporate diaries
  • Designing various kinds of corporate gifts and giveaways